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How to make your tax professional's life easier!

As we approach the end of February, and at least calendar wise, just over halfway to the end of the traditional filing season, I thought I'd share some thoughts on how people could make MY life easier when it comes to getting their tax return done and filed.

1) Don't call my cell phone at 7am on a Sunday morning. Or at 7am on any day. Or on Sunday. If you thought you'd just leave a voice mail, send an email.

2) Look at your email account once a day after the preparation has begun. Please. Don't make me come find you.

3) Don't ask me what my opinion about "Insert Name of Politician Here" is. It doesn't matter. I've forgotten more than any politician will ever know, and I don't care about their opinion of me anymore than they care about mine of them.

4) Invest a few bucks in a scanner and upload documents to your client dropbox. I promise you, the postage and time you save will be well worth it.

5) Some clients think they can help me by sending pastries and snacks. Stop. I'm begging you. Send fruit, veggies, Red Sox tickets, a flight to Hawaii even. Fat foods? No thank you.

6) While I won't demand clients fill out an organizer, I do ask that you tell me about life changes such as births, deaths, marriages, and divorces.

Now back to our regularly scheduled chaos!

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