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OMG The IRS Sent Me Mail, What Do I Do Now?

Nobody likes to get unexpected mail from the IRS. I don't even like getting mail addressed to me when its clearly not as a taxpayer representative. Alright, what do you do?

No, don't be like this guy.

Step one: Open the envelope. It won't hurt you, I promise. There is no timed explosive and there are no bioweapons inside.

Step two: Read the letter. It may be nothing, it may be minor, it may be concerning. You know whats worse? Ignoring it altogether. Not responding when there's an inquiry or collection matter will end badly. Always. You may not understand what they're saying. Thats ok, thats why people like me are around.

Step three: Decide if you can deal with the matter easily on your own, or if you need professional assistance. Rule of thumb is, if you think its easy enough to deal with on your own without much effort, it probably is. If its something that will require effort though? Probably a good idea to hire someone who does this all day every day.

Step four: Bring it to my attention either way. Even if its a minor thing such as a missing estimated payment adjustment, I need to know about it when preparing your next tax return.

If you're not sure about how important it is, bear in mind that the IRS will send it certified mail if it involves an intent to issue a lien or levy your property. Not accepting those letters is also a bad thing.

One last thing: The IRS will not initiate phone calls on matters with you. Anyone who calls on something you have no idea about is a scammer. This topic was mentioned last year on this blog. IRS Impersonation Phone Scams

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